No Experience Needed

Dexstr (pronounced like the popular TV show Dexter) combines the words "dexterity" and "strength" that are commonly used in role playing games (RPGs). We turn your fitness level into a game.

The same things that apply to RPGs apply to fitness. Everyone starts somewhere and it takes time (and effort) to progress through the story. Getting bigger, faster, and stronger is a lot like leveling up in a game.

Dexstr's goal is to make it fun and easy to workout. We handle the complicated parts of using a program, like determining the proper weight, for you. We make tracking your progress painless and more importantly, we show you your results in ways that should keep you motivated to work harder.


Start using multiple programs and let Dexstr handle your schedule for you. Recieve notifications when you're supposed to workout. Use our calendar to see when you have off days.


Dexstr isn't limited to just weight lifting. Track your running, swimming, and cycling training progress, too. It also handles carry exercises like farmer's walk and hold exercises like planks.


Don't spend time book keeping your progress. Dexstr will suggest proper weight for you to lift based on your workout history. Visualize your results with graphs and monthly reports.